Love Collection Nikola Gochev октомври 25, 2022



Printed on high quality paper or other media, according to the customer’s need.


Original made for A3

(297 mm x 420 mm)

A passionate look to the decor.

Born in the blink of an eye, this collection is produced for the bold ones, together with animal prints and drama. It will characterize the space, entertain the eyes and add spice to the material. It can be combined with fashionable furniture and avant-gard decors.

Made using stencils, the prints can be adaptable for the chosen surroundings by personalization of the colors, composition and the size of the artwork.

Different media can be used for printing, depending on the place, suitable for each individual case and the usage purpose.

Questions? Contact us for custom inquiries and more.

Every product might be personalized, according to the individual décor.

stylish and simple
  • Magnolia
  • Ginkgo
    printed paper or other medias
  • Palms
    printed paper or other medias
  • Off the records 2.0
    printed paper or other medias
  • La vie en rose
    printed paper or other medias
  • Off the record 1.0
    printed paper or other medias